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2017 Peel Annual Review

A comprehensive report on a company's activities throughout the year. 


The Peel Group – a track record of delivering regeneration and innovation

Peel Group Investment Portfolio

Our past 20 years: A proven track record

Peel unlocking productivity and growth cross the Northern Powerhouse

AMION Ocean Gateway

AMION Ocean Gateway report

One North

A Proposition for an Interconnected North (July 2014)

Creating a supply hub for the Bowland Shale

A summary of a study by economists AMION Consulting (April 2015)

Ocean Gateway Summary

Two-page document showing an overview of the Ocean Gateway with constituent projects.

Investment Opportunities

The Peel Group works in partnership with a wide range of organisations both public and private.  The variety of sectors within which we operate offer potential investment opportunities for like-minded businesses and investors. If you would like to find out more please contact us at

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