Gas & Oil

Peel Gas & Oil is working with licensed operators in the gas and oil industry to unlock unconventional gas in the North of England located in the Bowland Shale that could provide a vital bridging fuel until the renewable industry is fully developed.

Peel’s diverse experience and strong track record could form a supply hub based in the North West, utilising the Port of Liverpool and the Manchester Ship Canal to bring investment, skills and employment. 

Key Facts:

  • £30 billion investment by 2048  in the region if a supply hub is delivered*
  • 13,000 new jobs created across the Bowland Shale with a hub in position*
  • Ocean Gateway area ideally placed to be a UK and international centre of excellence*
  • Peel’s assets provide transport networks and land and property within licensed areas

*Source: AMION Consulting

Peel Land & Property

Creating a supply hub for the Bowland Shale

A summary of a study by economists AMION Consulting (April 2015)

Investment Opportunities

The Peel Group works in partnership with a wide range of organisations both public and private.  The variety of sectors within which we operate offer potential investment opportunities for like-minded businesses and investors. If you would like to find out more please contact us at

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